Media Blasting

Modesto Powder Coating now offers Media Blasting in a 15′ x 12′ x 35′ long blasting booth. This booth is large enough to accommodate most large products. Through precision blasting prepares products for plating, powder Coating, or painting. Old paint is easily removed, rust eliminated,and metal prepped.

We also, have a media blast cabinet for smaller parts.

Often clients want automotive bodies, retired patio furniture, machine or automotive parts to be restored but worry about keeping its value. Media Blasting maintains the integrity of the product while removing unsightly flaws to ensure the best possible product.

Modesto Powder Coating now with media blasting, provides a superior product. If corners are cut, the integrity of the finished product is jeopardized. We choose not to cut corners. We know that proper process preparation equals a perfect product.



We have dedicated GLASS BEAD machinery using VIRGIN GLASS BEAD for cleaning and blasting stainless steel products for the food  and beverage industry. GLASS BEAD is used only ONE time on stainless steel so iron particles are not impinged on the stainless steel causing rust issues. All types of items use this process from large machinery platforms to product shoots to guards. You name it and we have probably blasted it.


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