Our Commitment

Our commitment is to provide the best powder coating and media blasting available at a cost that is reasonable and affordable to you, our customer.  Our standard is to adapt to the needs of each customer in order to provide top quality service and the immediate turn-around one should expect.  Because your product is important, we will insure it is completed with pride and excellence!  You will not be disappointed in your choice to make Modesto Powder Coating your partner.

Quality assurance and inventory control departments guarantee that product specifications are met and consistently maintained because quality and service are our top priority.  Modesto Powder Coating works closely with our suppliers in order to achieve the best possible product for our customers.  We do not skimp on products that will not last.  Nor do we cut corners in process.  We take pride in knowing that we satisfy the needs of our customers and this can’t be done without careful care of your product.  Your product is tracked and evaluated at every station to insure that the final product is perfect!

Modesto Powder Coating originated in 1968 as a custom job and bumper shop.  Over the years Modesto Powder coating has shifted its’ emphasis to include large runs of multifaceted production items while keeping custom show quality.  We are constantly striving to find a better means of processing in order to produce the finest product you have come to expect.  Continuous improvement is achieved through communication, education, and effective training of employees, customers, and suppliers.

Modesto Power Coating has over 30,000 square feet of floor space to serve you.  Our custom powder coating lines are designed for quick changes and we can run a variety of different parts simultaneously.  Whether it’s a large production run or the smallest single prototype, Modesto Powder Coating will accommodate your needs.

Modesto Powder Coating has a proven history of product consistancy and service excellence.  Send sample pieces for us to run and find out just exactly why we believe we set the standards for the powder coating industry.

Contact us at 209-526-2696 or email modestopl@aol.com



Modesto Powder Coating

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