Additional Services

In addition to powder coating, we can also provide labeling, packing, media blasting, sub-assembly, warehousing, and other value – added services to meet your specific needs.

Our new 15 x 12 x 35 ft media blasting booth provides a more environmentally friendly form of stripping than traditional sand blasting!

Modesto Powder Coating now offers media blasting in a 15′ x 12′ x 35′ long  booth.  This is large enough to accommodate most large products.  Through precision, blasting prepares product for plating, powder coating, or painting.  Old paint is easily removed,  rust eliminated, and metal prepped.

Often clients want retired patio furniture to be restored but worry about keeping its value.  Media blasting maintains the integrity of the product while removing unsightly flaws to ensure the best possible product.

Modesto Powder coating now with media blasting, provides a superior product.  If corners are cut when adhering brass, copper, nickel, or chrome, the integrity of the finished product is jeopardized.  We choose not to cut corners.  We know that proper process equals a perfect product.  You can be assured that our process is worth the price!