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Contact us today to get your plating, powder coating, and/or media blasting project underway! Don’t hesitate any longer. Do you need your product ran quickly? We are here to accommodate your time constraints. Do you have a small project or is your project a major production run? Regardless, we believe we can manage your project to your specifications. Please reach us via email or by phone; our staff is waiting for your inquiry.

Why Powder Coat?

Our technology can extend the life of your product while improving aesthetics and functional coatings of chrome, nickel, satin nickel, or brass.  According to many who choose powder coating to other painting applications appreciate that powder coating allows you to finish the coating within a much shorter period of time with yet a smoother finish than other products.  In fact, the dynamics of powder coating surpass the characteristics of other methods of applications.  Powder coating can be 4-10 times thicker and it can be physically harder and more chip-resistant than wet paint, therefore, more durable.  Powder Coating is known to be more flexible without noticeable cracking or chipping.  In addition, powder coating without a doubt is more resistant to corrosion. Whereas other paint applications need to be stripped and repeated, powder coating is built for durability and attraction.

Our Work

Back in the 60’s Modesto Plating began it’s focus on car bumpers.  Today, Modesto Powder Coating sets its sights without limits.  We powder coat the smallest of products to products so large that most facilities cannot accommodate.  We have also expanded to include media blasting*  in order to meet the needs of our clients.  We take interest in every opportunity presented in order to take care of your powder coating needs!  Might you be interested in seeing our work?  A few examples can be viewed in our  gallery of images.


*Media Blasting is a process used rather than the traditional sand blasting process.