Powder Coating Products

Listed below are examples of many products we can powder coat:

Light fixtures, landscape luminaries, outdoor lights, lighting equipment, livestock equipment, livestock cages, lockers, luggage racks, car parts, rims, fences, fencing panels and railings, gates, shelves, shelf, flag poles, trellis, iron work, gazebos, benches, mailboxes, metal gutters, rain gutters, metal trim, metal toys and wagons, music stands, partitions, umbrellas, planters, privacy screens, race cars, A/V carts, racks, hand trucks, hitches, handlebars, wheel chairs, furniture & equipment, acoustic panels, address signs, adjustable table fittings, animal cages, bike parts, motor-cycle parts, quad parts, dune buggy parts, go karts, wheels, stands, bathroom fixtures, kitchen fixtures/accessories, door knobs, door handles, bed frames, chandlers, bingo cages, boat parts, bunk beds, childrens furniture, metal meeting tables, chairs, clothes racks, coat racks, tables, fire pits, curtain rods, hose reels, jogging strollers, sports equipment, terrace doors, toys, walkers, wheel chairs, wall art, wine racks, window boxes, wrought iron furniture, wrought iron screens, & bumpers.

Don’t see your item on the list? Give us a call at (209) 526-2696 or email at modestopl@.com and we will be happy to let you know if we can powder coat it!




Modesto Powder Coating

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