Polishing Process


Modesto Plating & Powder Coating maintains a complete polishing department with numerous polishing and belt laths to handle your polishing or satin needs.

1.  Aluminum:  We can polish a wide variety of parts such as engine and machine parts, motorcycle linkage and frame parts, bicycle rims, light fixtures, and slot machine parts to name a few.

2.  Brass:  All types of fixtures or products of cast, stamped or tubular brass can be polished to a mirror finish.

3.  Copper:  We also copper polish products that have imperfections inherant to the substrate where heavy copper plating and copper polishing are necessary to cover up or fill those imperfections before final nickel-chrome plating.

4.  Pot Metal:  Pot metal can be polished subsequent to copper or nickel-chrome plating.

5.  Steel:  Steel may also be polished subsequent to copper or nickel-chrome plating. We can polish any type of product from slot machine gaming products to hydraulic cylinders.

6.  Zinc Die Cast:  We polish many zinc die cast parts subsequent  to copper or nickel-chrome plating.

7.  Tubing:  We polish all types of tubing, fine brass plumbing fixtures, stainless steel hand rails, metal furniture, motorcycle exhaust pipes, and shock absorbers to name a few.