Plating Process


We offer the following processes:

1.  Acid Copper:  Our acid copper line is used to apply a heavy coat of copper to help hide small imperfections for a deep shine when producing SHOW CHROME.  The acid copper line is used in order to hide pits in substrates such as steel, pot metal, zinc die cast, and aluminum.

2.  Decorative Brass:  The decorative brass line is used to seal parts so other plating baths do not attack the substrate and allow the parts to be plated by many other plating processes.  We also use this tank for polished brass and satin brass finishes.

3.  Decorative Nickel:  We have two 1100 gallon nickel tanks, 10′ x 4′ x 4′ for your decorative and protective nickel needs, with plating on steel, aluminum, zinc die cast, and brass.

4.  Satin Nickel:  We have an 1100 gallon tank, 10′ x 4′ x 4′ designated for satin nickel applications.

5.  Decorative Chrome:  Bright blue chrome for your decorative chrome needs is a product Modesto Plating & Powder Coating has been producing since 1968.  We are experienced in the decorative Show Chrome process and we do it well.